Rust Check, Rust Prevention in Kentville

We’ve never found a better rust prevention solution than Rust Check, proven for over forty years to prevent rust, arrest the progress of rust, and preserve your vehicle’s surface, wiring, and attachment points. Keeping your vehicle as rust-free as possible also creates a less hostile environment for a mechanic to work in to discover what your car’s issues are, which will save you money—just another way Rust Check can help protect your investment in your vehicle.

What is Rust Check?

Rust Check is a light liquid oil-based product with active corrosion inhibitors.  It penetrates into crevices, displaces existing moisture that can be causing rust right now, and it keeps any rust-causing moisture from re-entering.  What sets it apart from other rust prevention solutions is that Rust Check is not a coating, so it won’t dry, crack, or peel, leaving your car and its finish vulnerable again to moisture.  Some coatings or oil sprays can actually trap moisture up against your vehicle by floating on top of the existing moisture.  Rust Check creeps into seams and bonds to your surfaces, locking out moisture for good.

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Come in and See It

Feel free to come on down to Colby Daniels Service Centre Ltd. and watch while we give a car the full Rust Check treatment. You might be able to get a rust protection service cheaper elsewhere, but if it only takes twenty minutes, you might wonder what’s being left undone. We typically take about an hour to do a proper application of Rust Check, which gets into any crevices and seams in your vehicle and forces moisture out.

Environmental Risk

In our humid climate, humidity puts moisture into the seams and crevices in your vehicle. When winter comes, that moisture freezes and expands, opening up cracks and crevices to invading salt and more moisture, causing rust and corrosion. Coatings designed to keep the salt off can actually trap existing moisture against the vehicle. Rust Check will force that moisture out and away from the vehicle, and with periodic applications, your vehicle can stay rust-free indefinitely.